Rubber Duckie Race

Rubber Duckie Race

Just like every other law firm in Philadelphia, Fergusson & Leith is the best place to work. Let’s look at what we offer:

  • collegiate working environment
  • open window policy
  • equal opportunity employment*
  • casual dress code on Saturdays
  • restrooms on every floor

If that weren’t enough, let’s look at the social life:

  • Fergusson Formal – our biannual dinner dance at the Franklin Institute
  • Quadrennial Inter-Law-Office Rubber Duckie race
  • Centennial celebration of the firm’s centenary

But we’re well aware of what you’re most interested in … the money. As long as you bill at least 170 hours a week to our valued clients, we promise a highly competitive salary and benefits package.

*Consistent with business necessity